I’m easy to reach:

My penname is Stella Starsky—I was born Lynne Corbett—and I’ve co-authored two books, “Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes” and “Cosmic Coupling: The Sextrology of Relationships”.  I’m a practicing astrological consultant, trained at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. My prior education was at Boston University and the Sorbonne. I hold a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London. As well, I am a CMA certified Mindfulness Meditation therapist. I reside in Boston and on Cape Cod Massachusetts. My husband and I travel throughout the US and Europe to see clients. A few years ago, we decided to go it alone, without agents or managers. (Someday soon, I’ll tell you how I used “Lean In” to take back all our percentages and property from mega-agency, William Morris Endeavor.). We’re happy this way. We do have one trusty assistant: she and I share a birthday— December 27th, same day as Marlene Dietrich— though we’re 20 years apart. American Baroness is my brainchild.

With my ‘ole man, in London, November 2018.

Haughty Capricorn Marlene Dietrich, my birthday twin, born December 27th